School Officials' Recommendations

Superintendent of Schools

“I feel this program has had a great impact in our school system. We have seen a decrease in office referrals and the overall school culture has improved drastically. I credit this, in part to the Character Under Construction Program. They have an excellent staff and they are always professional in every way. I would highly recommend this program to all school districts.”  

School Principal

“I am writing to recommend the Character Under Construction (CUC) Program. They have been working in our school for the past ten years. This program has a profound effect on our student body and staff every school year. Character Under Construction is now a mainstay in our school and a tool that we rely on. The CUC team are professionals who are invested in our young people. This group of people truly care about helping our students become responsible and productive citizens. Our students are taught decision making skills and general behavior etiquette that are sometimes absent in a student’s life. I highly recommend the Character Under Construction program to all administrators and educational decision makers.”

Assistant Principal

“We began with the Character Under Construction sessions once a month, and then increased them to twice a month. We use these lessons to address all freshmen and also the students identified ‘at risk’. We have seen a significant decrease in overall discipline referrals. It would greatly benefit your school district to utilize this program to the benefit of your student population.” 

Social Studies Teacher

“The Character Under Construction classes that were presented at our school were excellent. This program really touches on sensitive issues that  students  are  dealing with. As a classroom teacher it is nice to have someone to do this type of class with my students. Through the school year I was able to keep in contact with our Character Under Construction representative so if issues arose that I felt needed to be discussed he could plan his lesson for the next month around it. My middle school students were always excited when the “Tater Guy” came to class. Students participated in the lessons and were eager to talk about things going on in their life with him. I would recommend the Character Under Construction classes to any school district. This is a great program.” 

Elementary Third Grade Teacher

“The ‘Tater Guys’, as the students call them, made a huge impact on not only our student’s social lives, but on their academic lives as well. Giving them a “tater” or a “tater tot” during the day enforced the program and helped them remember the lessons. Character education, student motivation, and a strong sense of community are used in the program. This program embraces the Common Core Standards of learning and we love this program.” 


Students' Recommendations

This program is currently used in (15) states and (5) countries. Middle school and high school freshmen from different public schools were asked to write a paragraph about the Character Under Construction program they attended.  Below are just a few of the remarks we have received. They are copied just as they were submitted by the students. For the privacy of the students, we have only listed their first names and have omitted the name of their schools as well. The originals and personal information are on file with Rock of Ages Ministries.

- Dylan

“I love the CUC lessons. They taught me how to treat people, how to treat ourselves and how to use proper etiquette when talking to people or in public. You guys have been a big part in my high school career.  When you come to the high school to give us our lesson,    I know that it is going to be a good day and I want to thank you for all you have done.”

– Abigail

“My favorite lesson was Regrets Vs Shame. It really helped me to talk to my parents about a lot of issues I have and it made me stop and think about how important parents really are. We shut off everything and talked for almost 2.5 hours.”

– Macy

“I think this program is awesome because it teaches us to try and be the best people we can be. It really inspires us to do better and make good decisions in life. It also keeps us going and helps us be very optimistic about our futures. I personally want to thank you!”

– Ryan

“This class has helped me to understand and deal with humility. It also helped me to develop a hard work ethic. I love all the enthusiasm you bring to the school. Your teaching is GREAT.” 

– Devin

“I absolutely love this program. It is very educational and exciting for the class. One of the lessons on the topic of love and lust was my favorite. It really made me ponder the course my life was taking. I have made some changes in my life as a result of that day.”