Frequently Asked Questions

In case you were wondering...

How much does this program cost?

Answer: It is free to all schools.

How much time is needed to conduct the classroom lessons?

Answer: 45 minutes to an hour is best, but they can be done in as little as 30 minutes for fourth through twelfth grade. Kindergarten through third grade usually runs 20 to 25 minutes.

Who teaches the lessons?

Answer: We supply the teachers free of charge. Also, every teacher will have a Federal Background Check available. If your school system requires anything other than this please inform us when we meet.

How often do the classes meet?

Answer: We have found that the best schedule is once every other week. Therefore the schools are not taxed for time in scheduling throughout the school year. Some schools have us for one class, for one day, every other week. Other schools have us come for multiple classes during the school day every other week. In many schools we will have two classes being taught simultaneously during the school day.

Is this a religious class?

Answer: No. That is what the Bible Clubs are designed to do. The laws require us to be neutral, academic, and objective in teaching. This class will not resemble a Sunday school class or religious service.

What age groups benefit the most from the C.U.C. program?

Answer: We have noticed a great improvement in the transition groups after going through the C.U.C. classes. Groups we call transition are high school freshman and detention classes, sixth or seventh grade in middle schools and also Pre-K and Kindergarten.
  We have also noticed a tremendous response in the third through sixth grades in conduct and respect toward others after just two months of these lessons.