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About Character Under Construction

In America today, there is a disturbing increase in crime among adolescents, especially crimes that lead to imprisonment.  After more than three decades working inside youth detention centers, youth prisons and adult prisons, Rock of Ages has noticed a common denominator among the incarcerated.  The men, women and youth that we work with, both young and old, have demonstrated similar behavioral patterns and exhibited the same missing character traits.

The Rock of Ages Character Under Construction (CUC) program consists of over one hundred and ninety lessons that target these specific character traits found to be lacking in the lives of many young people today.  The CUC lessons are designed for implementation in the public school classroom, ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade, and are neutral, objective and academic as they utilize History, Science, Social Studies, and Literature to teach character, morals and ethics in a fun, exciting and memorable way.